RICOCEL ES-3261A is a high heat resistant glass fiber epoxy resin laminated board for solder pallet.

Component mounting by automatic soldering machine is performed through two kind of work processes.
Generally, it is performed in the order of reflow soldering to wave soldering.
At the wave soldering process, it is necessary to apply solder only to soldering part, with the components mounted by reflow soldering being protected.
RICOCEL is the tool used in the process of wave soldering.
RICOCEL has pockets to protect the pre-mounted components and has through-holes to apply solder only to soldering spots.

Advantages of using solder pallet

Yield : Reduction of defective soldering
Masking process : Setting on pallet
Line width adjustment : Standardized
Thermal stress to electronic components : Small



Excellent durability against repetitive soldering of more than 20000-time.
Excellent chemical resistance against soluble flux or pallet cleaner.
Excellent mechanical strength for fine machining.

Size of Blank Material

  • Thickness : 3~15mm
  • Length X Width : 1000X1200 mm 1200X2000 mm

Properties of RICOCEL ES-3261A

Test items   Units ES-3261A
Color tone   Black
Surface resistance   Ω 1×107
Specific gravity   1.95
Water absorption   % 0.02
Chemical resistance (Solvent flux)   Good
Loss on heat 250 degrees Celsius×500hr. % 1.8
Bending strength(at RT) Warp MPa 550
  Fill MPa 470
Flexural modulus(at RT) Warp GPa 28
  Fill GPa 26
5% decomposition temp. TG/DTA degrees Celsius 430
Solder limit 300 degrees Celsius sec. 300<
CTE(Thickness direction) α1 ×10-6/K 45
  α2 ×10-6/K 200
Thermal expansion 50→250 degrees Celsius
Teflon coating   Unnecessary
Machining workability   Good

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The above figures are not guaranteed value but one of the test results at our laboratory.

Delivery Form of RICOCEL ES-3261A

Please choose from among the following three types of the delivery form of RICOCEL ES-3261A.

Finished Product
Finished product after machining such as cutting, grinding and drilling based on your drawing will be supplied.
Board Cut to Specified Dimensions
Board without machining such as drilling, etc. and in the form of simply cutting the material according to the specified dimensions will be supplied.
Blank Material
Blank material without any machining will be supplied.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece.

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